Hello I'm Glen Pham

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer from Seattle

About Me

I started learning to program back in October of 2016. Although I was learning a good pace I wanted to speed up the learning pace so I attended Code Fellows in February 2017 and finished in June of 2017. I took the Full Stack Web Development course and learned a great deal in a short amount of time. I've been in love with programming since and can't wait to see what I can develop in the future.

“I am passionate and prideful about my work no matter the job or task and believe expectations are meant to be exceeded.”

What do I bring?

Work Ethic

Lithium Ion courses through my veins. I've coded for 24 hours before and promptly collapsed on the keyboard afterwards.

Team Player

I've been deployed to various combat zones during my 8 years of Active Duty service and understand what it means to be a valuable member of a team.


Technology moves at an extremely rapid pace. I stay current with the latest technological trends and am always exploring new frameworks, libraries and ideas.

Problem Solver

What can I say I love solving problems. With a background in many different fields of work I've built a versatile skillset.


Here is a collection of personal projects I've completed



Fit-cheivements is a full stack social media application. Users can signup and post their fitness achievements. They can follow other users, comment on other user's posts, and upload their own photos and posts. Built with React, Redux, and Node back end.


Another Chance

Another Chance is a Full Stack Application created for a non profit agency to manage and search for Animal Blood Donors. Veterinarians and hospitals will use this app to see what animal blood donors are available. Created with Node, React and Redux.


Trance Trader

Trance Trader is a stock market portfolio app where you can simulate stock trades. Portfolio displays stock profits/losses and total net worth.



Effort Manager is an API server built for a team of iOS developers. The team was creating a fitness app and it was built to meet their requirements. Features full CRUD operations.



Equi-Gallery-VR is a full stack application where users can upload their photos to a gallery and view them in Virtual Reality with VR supported devices.



TOP SECRET...under construction

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